BikeMinder iOS App

I built this to keep track of the numerous bikes in our household. I can never remember when I last replaced a chain or cassette, and now with a couple of Di2 bikes in the fleet, I'd like to keep a better eye on how far I can make it between charges. Did I mention the battery eating power meters? Inspired by both VeloViewer and Fuelly, I wanted to createa straightforward tool to keep track of everything in one place.

Using the Strava API, BikeMinder always knows how far you've ridden each of your bikes. All you have to do is log your maintenance items. If you want have items that run on batteries, you can log charging and battery replacements. With just a couple of charge cycles, BikeMinder will know your average battery life and be able to give you a quick visual indicator of the current charge level.

Sorry, this is no longer available. Strava changed their API and I haven't had the time to rebuild.